AWS Security, Identity and Compliance Updates

AWS Security, Identity and Compliance Updates

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AWS constantly innovates, launching new features and enhancements for security, identity, and compliance services. This post highlights the latest August 2023 updates to improve security, manage access, and ensure compliance.

IAM Policy Validator

In August 2023, AWS introduced the IAM Policy Validator for AWS CloudFormation (cfn-policy-validator). This tool automates policy validation, minimizing unwanted policies by checking syntax, compliance, and best practices before deploying with AWS CloudFormation. Integration with GitHub Actions allows policy validation as part of your CI/CD pipeline, preventing issues in production.

Machine Learning Insights

Another significant feature is generating machine learning insights for Amazon Security Lake data with Amazon SageMaker. Amazon Security Lake centralizes logs and events, and for deeper insights, Amazon SageMaker offers machine learning techniques. Analyze security data with native AWS services or use Amazon SageMaker Studio to build custom models for tasks like anomaly detection, threat hunting, and risk assessment.

Detective Finding Groups Visualizations

Detective now provides finding groups visualizations for analyzing and investigating security issues across AWS workloads. It collects log data from various services and applies machine learning to create interactive visualizations. Finding groups reduce alert fatigue by grouping similar findings, helping identify real risks. These visualizations display findings, their distribution over time, and associated resources.

Dedicated Infrastructure Options

AWS recognizes digital sovereignty’s importance and introduces two new options: Dedicated Regions powered by AWS Outposts and Dedicated Wavelength Zones powered by AWS Outposts. These options provide fully managed private cloud environments or edge computing environments with dedicated hardware, ensuring compliance and control over data and network.

AWS Security, Identity and Compliance: Conclusion

August 2023 updates offer tools to enhance security, manage access, and ensure compliance in the AWS security, identity, and compliance category. Learn more on the AWS Security Blog, AWS News Blog, or AWS re: Inforce 2023 event for insights from experts and customers.

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