Testing as a Service


The advent of disruptive technologies has forced brands to ensure seamless customer experiences across multiple digital avenues. Without strong testing processes and quality checks, brands risk losing market.

Imparting superior customer experiences enables business to develop a competitive advantage over others, in terms of quality. Testing, thus, has become a core area that drives the organization strategy. Our ‘Testing as a service’ offering enables businesses to provide exceptional customer experiences by upholding quality standards, whether they be enterprise apps, mobile apps, APIs or a BI data construct.

Agile Process

Agile approach

• Continuous refinement of product with iterative development.
• Quality infused into product at every development stage.

Definite Test Strategy

• Clarity on test schedule and resource planning.
• Helps estimate automation efforts.


Expertise in automation tools

• Ensure faster, reliable testing with mobile app QA automation.
• Proficiency in Selenium, Appium and HP Quick test professional tools.

Seasoned Team of Experts

Proficient, certified testers

• Professionally qualified and well experienced team.
• A vibrant, millennial mobile app QA team that thinks millennial.

Enterprise App Testing

Enterprise applications are scalable, mission-critical software are enlisted for the efficiency brought into business operations. Often, these form the backbone of the organization and are hence of prime importance. However, with scale comes complexity.

Our in-depth and incisive test strategy provides for all these complexities to ensure that your business web and desktop applications run defect-free. Because even small errors can have adverse impacts on the business reputation.


Mobile App Testing

Many organizations have now added a mobile presence via apps, to adopt omnichannel strategies. To achieve higher user adoption, apps must pass through rigorous QA. With our mobile app testing services, you can release your app faster and increase app ratings.

To ensure consistent experiences, we test apps on multiple devices (real and simulated), and multiple operative system versions, under complex scenarios.


BI/ Data Testing

Top leaders now use invaluable data insights to transform their organizations into insight-driven ones. This helps them stay competitive and deliver better customers experiences. In such a scenario, business intelligence/data QA holds high stakes in helping organizations make insightful and intelligent decisions.

With our automated testing procedures and accelerated test cycles, we help organizations improve their data quality and reduce costs and associated risks.


Testing as a Service - API Testing

API Testing

It is in the API that the business rules are coded. Hence, API testing is essential as it exposes the coding errors and leads to a healthier final product. While you focus on getting your GUI ready, we save your time and test the APIs to ensure functionality, in multiple complex, intricate scenarios.

We perform manual as well as automated API tests for REST, SOAP and other protocols using Postman.



Ensure that application consistently meets the user needs, even in complex environments.