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Microsoft Ignite 2023: A Brief Summary

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In the Microsoft Ignite 2023 event, Microsoft outlines how AI transformation is reshaping work and how Microsoft is supporting customers, partners and developers with its AI solutions. It covers:

  • Rethinking cloud infrastructure with new AI optimized silicon, Azure Boost, and partnerships with AMD and NVIDIA.
  • Extending the Microsoft Copilot experience across Microsoft 365, Copilot Studio, Copilot for Service, Copilot in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Guides, and Bing Chat and Bing Chat Enterprise.
  • Bringing Copilot to everyone with the general availability of Bing Chat and Bing Chat Enterprise as Copilot.
  • Reinforcing the data and AI connection with Microsoft Fabric, a unified platform for data management and AI tools, and integration with Microsoft Office and Teams.
  • Unlocking more value for developers with Azure AI Model-as-a-Service, Azure AI Studio, Vector Search, and new GPT models.
  • Enabling the responsible deployment of AI with the Copilot Copyright Commitment, Azure AI Content Safety, and new AI and productivity tools for developers.
  • Introducing new experiences in Windows to empower employees, IT and developers with Windows AI Studio and NVIDIA AI foundry service.
  • Strengthening defenses in the era of AI with the Unified Security Operations Platform and Security Copilot embedded within Microsoft Defender XDR and other Microsoft security products.

Page Reference – Microsoft Ignite 2023: AI transformation and the technology driving change – The Official Microsoft Blog

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