Mobile App Development


According to a Compuware study, around 76% customers give mobile apps only one or two chances to provide them a good experience.

An app’s success stems from the experience derived. With the world going social, influencers can quickly communicate their positive or negative experiences and stimulate mass popularity or contempt for the app. This makes the case for you to get your customer experience right, every time. Our mobile app development services ensure that while apps solve customer’s problems, they also provide a pleasing experience overall.

UI and UX

• Captivating UI elements
• Intuitive, user-friendly design
• Application of Behavior psychology
• Rapid prototyping to speed up things

Device Optimization

• Managing data consumption
• Ensuring data local storage
• Ensuring OS compatibility
• Optimizing battery consumption

Technical Expertise

• Hybrid and Native technology experts
• Rigorous UX Testing
• QA Automation
• Agile way of working

Security Aspects

• Strengthen encryption mechanism
• Prevent physical security breaches
• Handle data caching vulnerability
• Secure communication to server

Mobility - Develop Mobile App


In the race to higher market share, wallet share and mind share, it is necessary to make customer experience your app’s USP. AgilizTech helps you do just that. With our expertise in native and hybrid technologies, we create apps that are functional, aesthetic and impart superior customer experience.

Mobility - Test Mobile App


We provide QA automation and manual services that help you make app testing the priority on your checklist. To deliver consistent optimum performances, we test on a wide range of OS, devices and emulators, ensuring excellent experiences, sans bugs and performance issues. We use Appium and Selenium for our testing needs.

Mobility - Port Mobile Apps


To achieve wider market share and reach larger customer count, your app needs to be available on multiple platforms, and deliver consistent customer experiences too. We undertake porting of apps from Android to iOS and vice versa. We ensure that the customer experiences do not suffer and are consistent across platforms.

Mobility - Maintain Mobile Apps


For your app to stay current and be your customer’s preferred choice, it needs to be responsive and quick to adapt to changes. We help you deliver superior experiences to your customers, with continuous upgrades, bug fixes, and improvements. With our maintenance services, we ensure that your app remains compatible and competitive.



AgilizTech can give your brand a mobile presence that improves customer experience.