AWS Business Applications: August 2023 Updates

AWS Business Applications: August 2023 Updates

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AWS Business Applications Category Updates in August 2023

In August 2023, AWS introduced updates to its Business Applications category, which offers services for building, running, and managing applications connecting with customers, employees, and partners. This blog post will summarize some new features and enhancements AWS announced for its Business Applications category in August 2023.

Amazon Connect

This cloud-based contact center service now supports scheduling agent group activities like training sessions, team meetings, or breaks. It optimizes workforce management and enhances customer interaction handling. Schedules can be created via the Amazon Connect console, API, or CLI, and monitoring is available on the real-time metrics dashboard. Amazon EventBridge enables action triggers based on agent group activity events, such as sending notifications or updating third-party applications.

Amazon Simple Email Service (SES)

In August 2023, Amazon SES expanded its availability to the AWS Israel (Tel Aviv) Region, allowing you to send emails from a region closer to your recipients. This reduces latency and ensures compliance with data sovereignty requirements. To begin using Amazon SES in this region, verify your identity and request a sending quota increase.

Amazon QuickSight

Amazon QuickSight, a cloud-based business intelligence service, introduced the ability to schedule and programmatically export dashboards and analyses to Excel format. This simplifies sharing insights with stakeholders who prefer Excel files. You can schedule regular exports (daily, weekly, or monthly), and specify recipients, file names, and delivery methods (email or S3). Additionally, you can use the QuickSight API or SDK to trigger exports based on events or triggers.

AWS Business Applications: Summary

These August 2023 updates reflect AWS’s commitment to providing versatile solutions for businesses across various domains. These enhancements in the Business Applications category offer valuable tools to optimize operations, improve communication, and gain deeper insights into data, ultimately enhancing the customer, employee, and partner experience.

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