The advent of internet and the booming smartphone demand has revolutionized the Telecom sector. Industry players are heavily investing in infrastructural support and digitization of operations.

Consumers around the world navigate their everyday lives using their smartphones. This gives the telecom sector – be it carriers or sub-sectors such as wireless/broadband carriers, network equipment and device manufacturers a massive opportunity. And with this opportunity comes the need of end-to-end digitization of how telecom operates.

Collaborative Development

Superior customer service

Improve ARPU and Reduce Churn

Knowledge Management

Incisive data for decision making

Predictive models and dashboards for leaders

Agile Process

Maximise RoI and optimize costs

Comprehensive ERP solutions for telecom

Telecom - CRM


Rapidly falling ARPU due to Customer churn is a recurring problem in telecom.

Using Analytics, telecom operators can build predictive models and via CRM implement marketing strategies to retain customers and improve customer life time value.

Telecom - Chatbots


Chatbots are programs that interact with customers via voice or text. Since 2016, chatbots are being used by businesses all around the world for enhanced customer experience.

AgilizTech creates virtual assistants and dialog agents that create a self-service experience that customers adore to work with and deliver desired business outcomes.


Improve RoI, accelerate time to market for new products and reduce costs with custom solutions.