Application Maintainence


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Application downtime has a severe impact on business revenue, in addition to affecting customers experience. Using agile processes, we provide maintenance services that help run applications with minimal downtime and ensures that business expectations are either met or exceeded.

ITIL Framework

ITIL Framework Followed

Stay competitive with agile value creation

Lean Methodology

Lean Methodology applied

Continuous Improvement of processes

Knowledge Management

Improved Knowledge Management

Faster resolution of customer issues

Agile Process

Timely Release of Programs

Structured release of patches

Application Maintenance - Front-end Customer Support

Front-end Customer Support

We handle support calls to resolve general queries. Select tickets are escalated to Application Support in case of specific queries, when a different set of skills is required.

Application Maintenance - Application Support

Application Support

We maintain application health and help the Front-end team solve complex customer problems. We provide workarounds until solid fixes are given by Engineering support. We also deploy code/patches.

Application Maintenance - Engineering Support

Engineering Support

We fix bugs or issues reported by customers. Also, we develop and deliver enhancements, and add new features to the application.


Minimize and subsequently eliminate application downtime. Ensure business continuity.