Azure Personalizer: Elevating Experiences in Real-time

Azure Personalizer: Elevating Experiences in Real-time

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In this blog post, we will shed light on Azure Personalizer, why it is required, what it is, its advantages, prerequisites, and how to get started.


Personalization is a key factor in creating engaging and satisfying user experiences. However, it can be challenging to implement personalization effectively, especially when dealing with dynamic and diverse user preferences. How can you deliver the most relevant content, offers, or recommendations to each user in real-time?

That’s where Azure Personalizer comes in. Azure Personalizer is a cloud-based service that uses reinforcement learning to learn from user behavior and provide personalized experiences. It can help you optimize user interactions, increase conversions, and improve customer loyalty.

Advantages of Azure Personalizer

Azure Personalizer is a powerful and flexible service that offers several benefits for personalization, such as:

  • Easy integration: Integrate with your existing applications and data sources using REST APIs or SDKs. You don’t need to use Azure Personalizer to change your application logic or data structures.
  • Real-time learning: Learns from user feedback and adapts to changing user preferences in real-time. You don’t need to manually define rules or segments for personalization. Azure Personalizer automatically discovers the optimal personalization strategy for each user and context.
  • Scalability and reliability: Handle millions of requests per day and provide consistent performance and availability. You don’t need to worry about infrastructure or maintenance issues when using Azure Personalizer.
  • Transparency and control: Provides insights and metrics on how it is performing and what it is learning. You can also customize various aspects of Azure Personalizer, such as the exploration-exploitation trade-off, the reward function, and the learning policy.


Before you use can use Azure Personalizer, you need to have the following:

  • An Azure subscription: Create a free account here if you don’t have one already.
  • An Azure Cognitive Services resource: You can create one here or use an existing one. Make sure you select the “Personalizer” service when creating the resource.
  • A personalization scenario: Define what kind of personalization you want to achieve. For example, you can personalize the homepage of your website, the product recommendations on your e-commerce site, or the ads on your app.
  • You must also identify the features that describe your users and contexts, such as age, location, device type, time of day, etc. It will use these features to learn from user feedback and provide personalized experiences.

Getting Started with Azure Personalizer

To get started, you need to follow these steps:

  • Create a Personalizer instance: You can create a new instance of Personalizer using the Azure portal or the CLI. You will get an endpoint URL and two keys that you will use to access the service.
  • Create a loop: A loop is a logical container representing a personalization scenario. You can create multiple loops for different scenarios within the same Personalizer instance. Each loop has its own learning policy and configuration settings. You can create a loop using the Azure portal or the CLI.
  • Send requests and rewards: To use the Personalizer for personalization, you must send two requests: rank and reward. A rank request requests personalized content or action from Personalizer. It contains the features of the user and context, as well as a list of possible content or actions to choose from. A reward request is a feedback on how well the personalized content or action is performed for the user. It contains a numerical value that represents the reward or outcome of the personalization. You can send requests and rewards using REST APIs or SDKs in various languages, such as C#, Python, Java, etc.
  • Monitor and evaluate: You can monitor and evaluate how it is performing and learning using the Azure portal or the CLI. You can see metrics such as average reward, rank distribution, feature importance, etc. You can also download logs and reports for further analysis.


Azure Personalizer is a service that can help you elevate your user experiences through real-time personalization. It uses reinforcement learning to learn from user feedback and provide personalized content or actions for each user and context. It is easy to integrate, scalable, reliable, transparent, and customizable.

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