Optimizing Resource Allocation: Cross-Account Service Quotas in Amazon CloudWatch

Cross-Account Service Quotas in Amazon CloudWatch

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Amazon CloudWatch enhances monitoring with Cross-Account Service Quotas.


In this blog post, we will discuss what Cross-Account Service Quotas are and how they can help you monitor and manage your AWS resources across multiple accounts. Cross-Account Service Quotas is a feature of Amazon CloudWatch that allows you to view and modify the service quotas of your AWS services for all the accounts in your organization from a single dashboard. This can help you avoid hitting service limits, optimize your resource usage, and simplify your quota management workflow. Discover various use cases:

  • Check usage of specific services like EC2 instances, Lambda functions, or S3 buckets.
  • Adjust quotas for services across accounts, no need to log in separately.
  • Automate quota management with CloudFormation templates or AWS CLI.
  • Set up alarms or dashboards to monitor quota usage and receive notifications.

Cross-Account Service Quotas: Usage

Leverage this feature to:

  • View quotas and usage for all accounts or specific organizational units.
  • Request quota increases for multiple accounts from the master account.
  • Delegate quota management to trusted member accounts.
  • Monitor quota usage through CloudWatch Alarms.


To use this feature, you need to:

  • Enable AWS Organizations, create an organization with two or more accounts.
  • Enable trusted access between CloudWatch and Organizations.
  • Grant permissions to master and delegated member accounts.
  • Access Service Quotas via console or API.

Cross-Account Service Quotas: Conclusion

Simplify quota management for organizations with multiple AWS accounts. Avoid service disruptions and optimize resource utilization. To enable this feature, you need to have an AWS Organizations account and enable trusted access between CloudWatch and Organizations. Then, you can use the CloudWatch console or API to view and modify the quotas of your services for each account in your organization. You can also set up alarms and notifications to alert you when a quota is approaching or exceeding its limit.

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