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Event Grid Upgrade for AKS: Enhancements & Benefits

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AKS Empowered: Unraveling the July 19, 2023 Event Grid Upgrade Enhancements

Event Grid Upgrade for AKS: Introduction

In the ever-evolving landscape of cloud computing and Kubernetes, Microsoft’s Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) has emerged as a popular choice for container orchestration. As businesses demand greater scalability, performance, and reliability, Azure continues to deliver cutting-edge updates to AKS. On July 19, 2023, Microsoft rolled out a significant upgrade to AKS’ Event Grid, with new enhancements promising to revolutionize event-driven application development. In this blog post, we’ll explore these upgrades, their benefits, and why AKS users should consider upgrading.

Event Grid Upgrade for AKS: New Enhancements

  • Custom Event Schemas: The July 2023 upgrade empowers AKS users to define and enforce custom event schemas in Event Grid, standardizing event structures precisely. Custom schemas enhance clarity, enabling seamless integration, reducing errors, and improving reliability.
  • Dead Lettering: The latest Event Grid upgrade introduces dead lettering support, storing failed events in a dedicated “dead letter” queue. This enables efficient debugging, faster issue resolution, and improved application stability.
  • Event Grid Explorer: Microsoft’s new Event Grid Explorer simplifies event monitoring and troubleshooting. It provides real-time insights into event flows, subscription statuses, and delivery performance, enhancing observability and reducing the learning curve.

Benefits of Upgrading

  • Enhanced Application Reliability: Upgrading allows enforcing custom event schemas and leveraging dead lettering, improving application reliability. Correctly structured events and graceful failure handling lead to more resilient applications.
  • Improved Development Productivity: The Event Grid Explorer enables quick analysis and issue diagnosis without external tools. Improved observability accelerates development and facilitates rapid responses to changing requirements.
  • Seamless Integration: Defining custom event schemas enhances collaboration and integration between teams. Adherence to defined schemas reduces friction and accelerates seamless application development.
  • Cost-Effective Error Handling: Dead lettering support automates error handling, storing failed events in a dedicated queue. This saves time, operational costs, and facilitates thorough error analysis.


The July 2023 upgrade elevates event-driven application development on Azure. Custom event schemas, dead lettering, and the Event Grid Explorer empower developers with powerful tools.

Upgrading to the latest AKS version offers benefits like enhanced application reliability, improved development productivity, seamless integration, and cost-effective error handling. Proper planning and testing can mitigate potential challenges.

Whether you’re a seasoned AKS user or starting your cloud journey, embracing the Event Grid upgrade fosters a resilient and agile application ecosystem on Microsoft Azure. Embrace the power of Event Grid to unlock the full potential of your AKS deployments today!

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