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AgilizTech's 8th Anniversary

AgilizTech’s 8th Anniversary Celebration

Embracing Progress: AgilizTech’s 8th Anniversary Celebration

What a wonderful way to commemorate AgilizTech’s 8th Anniversary on June 9, 2023! The festivities commenced with a delightful High Tea event and a vibrant Cake Cutting ceremony, setting the tone for an unforgettable day.

8th Anniversary Planning and Preparation 

Archana MV, the Head of Human Resources and Operations, alongside her dedicated team, hosted the event with immense enthusiasm, with a remarkable High Tea event and a lively Cake Cutting ceremony. Their meticulous planning and attention to detail ensured that every moment of the celebration was filled with joy and excitement.  Their enthusiasm and attention to detail were evident in every aspect of celebration, creating an atmosphere of joy and appreciation.

Employees’ Interaction with Mr. Ganesh

To ignite a sense of enthusiasm and inspire success in the realm of AI and ML, Mr. Ganesh – our MD and CEO engaged in an interactive conversation with the employees. During this insightful session, he also shared the latest advancements in AI and ML and stressed the significance of continuous learning through AI Prompts. This emphasis on upskilling and staying abreast of evolving trends and technologies was met with great enthusiasm from the employees.

The interactive session also provided a platform for employees to ask questions about future challenges on ChatGPT, AI and ML. Mr. Ganesh reassured everyone that while challenges may arise, embracing technology like ChatGPT is vital. He highlighted the importance of leveraging AI prompts effectively to expedite work processes and enhance productivity.

High Tea, Cake Cutting and Entertainment

Following the enriching conversation, Mr. Ganesh, the MD and CEO, lit a candle as a symbol of gratitude. He extended warm wishes to each and every employee for their contributions to another successful year. The celebration continued with the indulgence of delectable cakes and snacks, further enhancing the festive atmosphere.

AgilizTech's 8th Anniversary

Gratefulness and Sincere Wishes

Furthermore, the senior employees took this momentous occasion to express their heartfelt gratitude to Mr. Ganesh for his invaluable guidance throughout their journey at AgilizTech. The new joiners also shared their excitement and gratitude for being part of such a dynamic and supportive organization.

The festivities didn’t end there! The evening was lively entertainment, including uplifting songs, jokes, and captivating stories. The laughter and joy resonated through the venue, creating a truly delightful ambiance that brought everyone together.

Sumptuous Buffet Dinner

As the night progressed, the celebration moved to a sumptuous dinner awaited. The buffet spread was nothing short of mouthwatering, leaving everyone satisfied and content. The occasion provided numerous opportunities to capture joyous memories, as selfies and group photos were taken to immortalize shared moments.

AgilizTech's 8th Anniversary

The celebration became even more exciting with the addition of Mathan’s birthday.

AgilizTech's 8th Anniversary

Overall, the festivities served as a splendid kick-off to the weekend, filled with happiness, togetherness, and a genuine sense of appreciation. Events like these remind us of our collective strength and inspire us to reach even greater heights in the years to come.

AgilizTech's 8th Anniversary

AgilizTech’s 8th Anniversary, Many More Years to Come

As Friday night came to a close, it left behind cherished memories of a truly remarkable 8th-anniversary celebration at AgilizTech. Here’s to many more years of success, growth, and continued happiness!

AgilizTech celebrates 4th anniversary – Journeying with the spirit to celebrate a centenary

Congratulations to AgilizTech for having completed 4 successful years. It was a bright and happy Monday morning of 10th June 2019 with AgilizTech completing 4th anniversary. Though it was a busy day, the celebrations started off with lot of excitement and energy by decorating the office premises, distributing sweets and sharing the experiences of employees. This was just the beginning of celebration with the main celebration held on 15th June 2019.

Pre-Preparations for the Event

The spirits of celebrating had made the team enthusiastic and all were on their toes preparing for the event. Practicing for the dance and song performances, running around for shooting of videos, selecting the venue, organizing the event was fun and showed complete team effort.

The Gala Evening

The anniversary celebration was held at Hotel La Marvella on 15th June 2019. The event was presided by our Honourable Chief Guest Mr. Biswanath Bhattacharya (CEO and Founder of Venerate Solutions Pvt. Ltd.) and his family. It was a mesmerising evening wherein not only the AgilizTech team, but also their families were present which added to the splendour of the celebrations.

The celebrations started at 5:30pm with Gayathri, Shailey and Gaurav hosting it. Lamp lighting by the Chief Guest Mr. Biswanath Bhattacharya and his wife, Ganesh Babu (CEO and MD of AgilizTech), Sujeeth Shetty (VP – Sales and Marketing at AgilizTech) and family, Anand Gangoor (Senior Technical Delivery Manager) and family, Karan Singh (Senior Project Manager) and family marked the beginning of the celebrations.

Then Ganesh Babu spoke about the company roadmap enlightening on the achievements by each team, sales forecast and upcoming projects. It was an exciting moment for the team as Ganesh Babu addressed each one of them and spoke about his/her contribution. His words have motivated the team in delivering better work with complete dedication.

Subsequent to that we had our Chief Guest Mr. Biswanath Bhattacharya addressing the young and energetic team about startup being the best learning institution to shape a career. He emphasized that passion and focus are the important qualities which shows the path of success in a start-up environment , and AgilizTech is offering the right platform to learn and explore new dimensions.

A Proud Moment for Agillians!! The Award Ceremony

At AgilizTech we respect the contribution of every employee. Team members are recognized and awarded for their achievements and contribution. It was a stupendous award ceremony where the recipients collected the award along with their family members.

The Most Awaited One

Yes, no celebration is complete without some fun, performances and surprises. It was a gripping moment for all our participants who left no stone unturned in giving their best. We at AgilizTech believe that every person has a hidden talent which needs to be recognized and applauded.

First, we had a smash hit video presentation where the team wished AgilizTech in their own way. We also had tik tok videos by our team members which sparked the moods of the crowd with laughter.

We also had the families actively participating in the events and showcasing their talent. We had a combination star performance by Lopamudra, wife of Sai Prasad Das singing, with Master Arnav, son of Anand Gangoor synchronizing for the song by playing the tabla.

Next, we had AR Rehman’s mash up song sequence by Meghana M and Pawan. It’s not easy to sync with the karaoke and sing simultaneously with different songs and music. But our performers were simply amazing.

Coming up next was a dance performance by the Gulab Gang (only ladies) of AgilizTech. We also had the Lazy and Crazy Dance by the men. Our team lit up the stage with the crowd cheering for them.

The show was not over, we had few more surprises for the families and the kids. We had games for couple and kids which was entertaining and fun.

We also celebrated by having a cake cutting ceremony, photo sessions and a sumptuous dinner. Families enjoyed and shared great moments by being a part of this celebration and interacting with the other family members.

Final Words

With the entire AgilizTech family coming together and putting in their efforts the celebration was a grand success. It was a day which motivated us to show our dedication and involvement in our work, to contribute for the success and continue to celebrate more.

Our celebrations and achievements would not have been possible without the support of our clients, partners and vendors. We thank each one of them for the support.

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