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AgilizTech Annual Meet 2016: A day to ponder, rejoice and cherish!

On 20 Oct 2016, the AgilizTech family regrouped to celebrate the AgilizTech Annual Meet 2016 with great pomp and zeal.

The event held at Nandhana Grand, Koramangala, Bangalore, was attended by the extended family of AgilizTech – its beloved Bangalore employees, proud family members and the indispensable remote team from Chennai. The event was presided over by distinguished Chief Guests – Ganthi MathiNathan, Sumatipal Kotangale, Sundara Rajan and Venkata Subramanian.

Chief Guests (from Left to Right): Ganthi MathiNathan, Sumatipal Kotangale, Sundara Rajan, and Venkata Subramanian

Chief Guests (from Left to Right): Ganthi MathiNathan, Sumatipal Kotangale, Sundara Rajan, and Venkata Subramanian

CEO’s Keynote Address

Mr Ganesh, MD & CEO, AgilizTech, addresses the gathering

Mr Ganesh, MD & CEO, AgilizTech, addresses the gathering

Firstly, Mr Ganesh Babu, the MD & CEO of AgilizTech delivered his keynote address. He spoke about the company’s roots, its rapid growth, the status quo and the roadmap for the future. He was all praises for his employees and lauded and recognized their contribution to the development of AgilizTech.

Also, he unveiled the Company’s new branding and explained the significance of the new logo.

AgilizTech's new logo

AgilizTech’s new logo

Green to represent fresh thoughts, blue to represent trust, the arrows to mark continuous agility and progress, the interlinked chevrons to indicate collaboration, stability and a 360 degree approach.

The key message, that is, the DNA of the firm was noted to be “I Am You”, in which, the company recognizes itself as one with the customer. The CEO also said that, every employee should imbibe this message and implement it in their day-to-day activities, whether it be meeting a client, discussing with a team member, in conjunction with the company and with the society. The re-branding will be realized in November.

According to Mr Ganesh, the next steps to be taken by the firm to reach new heights  is to focus on stability, improvement and organic growth. The dapper, new look received praises from all quarters.

The Chief Guests too, noted the company’s progress and offered tips and invaluable advice on how to stay on the pursuit of excellence to grow and prosper.

Talents no more latent

AgilizTech got talent!

AgilizTech got talent!

Next was the talent show organized by the employees. The hidden talents of the firm were out in the limelight as singers, Meghana, Deep and Pooja dazzled the audience with their vocal skills. Not to be left behind, the skit team, consisting of Karan, Gurukiran, Aditya and Nikitha, put up a spirited and humorous performance and left the audience in splits.

Click here to view the entire album on Facebook.

And the Award goes to…

Next on the cards were the awards! AgilizTech honored the contributions of all its employees with awards and certificates. The function was full of reminiscing memories and acknowledging the hard work and efforts put in by all the employees. The family members of employees, too, were called on the dais to receive the awards and share the joy and pride.

Click here to view the entire album on Facebook.

Off to WonderLa!

In the second half of the day, the team visited WonderLa, the amusement park at the outskirts of Bangalore. The day was spent on thrilling land and water rides, having loads of fun and making beautiful memories to cherish and rejoice.

The employees have a splash at WonderLa!

The employees have a splash at WonderLa!

Click here to view the entire album on Facebook.

All-in-all, the AgilizTech Annual Meet 2016 was a grand success. It was a fruitful and fun-filled day for AgilizTech as it took another step towards the path of growth and development.

Dear employees, let’s grab the cleaning supplies, it’s Ayudha Pooja!

Perhaps, in Indian mythology monkey business means a good thing. The vanar sena played an active role and helped Rama defeat Ravana, and add yet another holiday to the Indian calendar – Vijayadashami / Ayudha Pooja, celebrating the triumph of good over evil.

Actually, monkey business means time-wasting activity. One of the biggest reasons of time-wastage at work is workplace clutter, which also affects productivity.

We are unable to locate important papers, critical files and vital emails on time. Add the dust and grime, our work atmosphere is clogging our brains! So how do we ensure that productivity triumphs over clutter? Simple. While we tidy our houses for Ayudha Pooja this year, let’s spruce up our office too!


We reside here for around 7-8 hours every day. And on most days our desks look like bomb sites! Scattered papers, month-old sticky notes, long-forgotten whiteboard markings, the odd knick-knacks and the half-drunk coffee cup.

“If a cluttered desk signs a cluttered mind, of what, then, is an empty desk a sign?”

Einstein’s question is food for thought indeed. Well, HERE’s WHAT NOT to do!


Here are some Dos:

  • Invest in a binder where you can store loose paper
  • Ensure that sticky notes are routinely discarded.
  • Use ‘To Dos’ in Outlook and track tasks efficiently.
  • Wipe photos, whiteboard and other knick-knacks
Let’s create our own quote! – “A clean, well-organized desk is a sign, of a planned and orderly mind.”



The once sleek, shiny laptop is now covered in grime. The squeaky clean mouse is greasy. The yummy evening snacks of masala vada and samosa had to cause some casualties.


  • Use a laptop cleaning kit to banish the dust and get the sparkle back on your laptop.
  • Avoid eating while using laptop, as crumbs get stuck between the keys and on the mouse.


Gadgets are every techie’s pride and joy. Let’s maintain them properly so that they serve us well.

 Email & Files

Often we click the file download button multiple times – sometimes out of frustration, sometimes by mistake. Result? Your Downloads folder is a nightmare! It is like Harry Potter’s doubling curse come to life!


  • As soon as you download a file, assign it a place on your system. Create an appropriately-named folder and paste it there. This is mandatory when the file is visual or audio. Text-oriented files can be searched easily, but the other categories would require intensive efforts.
  • Periodically clean up the Temp files. Temp files mean just that, temporary. Don’t let them become a permanent guest on your system.
  • Allocate time for system cleanup. Ruthlessly delete old and unnecessary files. If you have a copy on the cloud, even better, as you have backup. Remember. Your mantra is – Sift. Delete. Repeat.
  • Put Outlook to good use and get on top of your overflowing inbox. Use Rules wisely to ensure proper categorization of your mails.
  • Unsubscribe from unwanted newsletters and mails! And if you absolutely need those, then try

In the end, Work is worship. And we need to sharpen our work tools too. This year, let’s carry the spirit of Ayudha Pooja to our workspaces, and invoke the blessings of the divine.

Happy Vijayadashami everyone!

Stepout2Play: Asli Panga starts tomorrow!

Sports fever has gripped the country once again, and this time for a reason other than cricket. While we ‘bleed blue’ for cricket, it is apparent that other sports are fast gaining attention among Indians. The tremendous success of the Pro Kabaddi League stands testimony to this fact.

Now onto its fourth season, the league has captured the imagination of millions of spectators. Such is the reach, that this season will see 24 international players from 12 countries of the likes of South Korea, United Kingdom, Sri Lanka, Japan and more.

With the Pro Kabaddi League promos hitting TV screens, fans are geared for exciting showdowns in the much-awaited Season 4. Expectations are running high, courtesy the nail-biting moments and action-packed performances delivered in the previous seasons. The question on everybody’s mind is who will clinch the title this time? The champions, Patna Pirates, or the defending champions U Mumba? Or, is this the season of the underdog, Puneri Paltan?

Well, during Season 3, AgilizTech’s in-house oracle, Guddu, decided to stop wondering and start predicting! Guddu devised an analytical model that can foretell a match’s outcome solely on the basis of the teams’ past performances. Last season, 55% of the predictions came true! Now, Guddu is back with a new, improvised model to tell you who will most likely be this season’s superstars, for every match, every day!

Guddu’s predictions are available on our website Watch this space for Pro Kabaddi Season 4 daily match updates, season summary and more.

College Summer Internship in AgilizTech

College Summer Internship in AgilizTech

It was a first and fruitful engagement with a team of 4 young and bright engineers from BLT Institute of Technology and Management, Bangalore in our College Summer Internship in AgilizTech.

In Jan 2016 the team Bhargav, Sanjay, Sophia and Pallavi approached AgilizTech  for their College Summer Internship to work on their final year project. They were given an opportunity to work with the Product & Mobile app team lead by Praburaam.

Soon they were onboarded into the team to develop the mobile app for our product “Pickles” an app to order from your table directly to kitchen. The team worked with the other developers Gowtham, Guddu and Niraj, and contributed to the code base for the app. They were able to adapt within the corporate environment.

Some of the highlights of their work were integrating the QR code scanning and One Time Password (OTP) generation and validation. Now they have completed their project work assigned and submitted their final project documentation to the college.

It really feels great to support and guide these young and bright minds for their career – CEO Ganesh Babu

We at AgilizTech are hopefully to support more students from colleges towards their career growth.

AgilizTech Wins Future of India Award

AgilizTech wins the Future of India Award for Business Excellence in Technical Implementation & Delivery – On 30th April 2016, Lalit Ashok Hotel, Bangalore conducted by 1000 Petals. Future of India Awards, organized by 1000 Petals, is an event to recognize and honor entrepreneurs who have scripted an inspiring success story in their respective fields and have revolutionized the way business is done in India.

It was a proud moment for the company to have been recognized in the entrepreneurs’ community and the awards focused on entrepreneurs.

AgilizTech Wins - Future of India Award

This is a very huge achievement for our company and it wouldn’t be possible without our employees. Their hardwork and dedication which they showcase on a daily basis to constantly deliver on our projects keeping our key principles of Agility, On Time Delivery, Customer Experience and Quality in their day to day work. – CEO Ganesh Babu Vasantha Rajan

Many more achievements and recognitions to come in future.

Happy Republic Day from AgilizTech

67 years have passed since the Constitution of India came into force, India faced numerous challenges from within and outside. Yet with each such challenges, we emerged as a stronger and a much more mature nation, making our country a sovereign, secular, and democratic republic. Such an event should be celebrated with pride, honor and with the up-most enthusiasm.

Chennai Floods – Relief Work

From our Office AgilizTech , we collected funds for relief work in Chennai. Bought few essential items like Milk, Water Bottles, Medical supplies. Coordinated with Raji Rajan and her team via our common friend Sapna S Shetty to send these items to Chennai in a truck from Madiwala, Bangalore . Big thanks to them for doing this relief work and also to our employees who came forward to help folks in Chennai.‪#‎chennaineedsyou‬ ‪#‎chennairainshelp‬

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