Bulk attachment download for Creatio

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Problem Statement

Downloading the attached files/documents in the Attachment detail is a manual process attained recurrently for all the available files which are time-consuming and sometimes it leads a business user to miss out on a file download during the manual routine of a singular file.


Bulk attachment download for Creatio add-on helps any business user of Creatio to download all the files in the Attachment detail through a hassle-free mechanism (equipped by one-button click).

Business Use Case

  • Any business user of Creatio has to download the attached files to strategize different channels such as verification/approvals/agreement.
  • Using Bulk attachment download for Creatio Add-on, enable the user to download all the required files with a focus on running a smoother business and reducing the operation load of an individual user.

Bulk attachment download for Creatio: Add-on setup

This add-on is available in all the Creatio products (Attachment detail) and it is supported in both on-premises and cloud implementation. Download the add-on from the Creatio marketplace and install it in the Creatio CRM instance.
Visit the Creatio Marketplace to download/install the add-on package Bulk attachment download for Creatio.


Any business organization (owns Creatio Low-code/No-Code CRM of any module) where the business flow has to be executed without any discrepancy or break in the process of verification/approval.

Bulk attachment download for Creatio add-on feature is available across all the product bundles of Creatio CRM to ensure conventional use and meet the business requirement.

  • Bulk attachment download facilitates the user to download all the files in the attachment detail of all the OOTB sections or any custom section.


  • Download option is equipped at user convenience level. The user can select the required files alone and download them or download all the attachment files in one go with a simple button click.

Depicts all the files/documents of the attachment detail are downloaded

*Only the attachments or documents of type “File” gets downloaded

Find the add-on demo here

Bulk attachment download for Creatio

Privilege of Bulk attachment download

Domains of large scale sectors such as banking, insurance use the process of verification/approvals in loan, credit, insurance file and claim.
This feature helps in eliminating the files that get missed to download for the business flow (Verification/approval/agreement) during individual download.

AgilizTech, a trusted partner for Creatio does customization for them. To know more on how we do customization for a business as per their requirements visit our AgilizTech – Creatio blog.

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