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Top 5 benefits of Low-Code platform

About low code

According to Gartner, “By 2020, at least 50 percent of all new business applications will be created with high-productivity tool sets, such as low-code and no-code application development platforms.” Low-code is a unique approach to build business applications quickly with minimal hand-coding.  So, compared to traditional app development, with the low-code platform developers can easily develop applications that are intuitive with drag and drop interfaces and integrations. Low-code is emerging as a fundamental and effective strategy to accelerate application delivery supporting the ongoing digital transformation.

Top 5 benefits of low-code

Low-code technology is quickly gaining momentum and many organizations are adopting it to build apps and processes seamlessly. The top 5 benefits of the low-code platform are:

  • Accelerate app development

With low-code, several capabilities like the visual models and drag and drop functionalities help in building apps faster with a pre-built user interface. Most importantly, apps can be deployed at once across all devices.

  • Users can build apps easily

The purpose of low-code technology is to bridge the gap between IT and non-IT developers. The term ‘citizen developers’ came into existence with low-code, wherein users can create simple business applications with little technical know-how.

  • Enhances customer experience

The low code platform automates several operations that are crucial to customer experience. The agility in the development of apps, strong business process features helps in building better apps improving the customer experience.

  •  Built-in governance

The low-code platform has automated governance capabilities that are administered and monitored by the organization’s professional IT team. So when the users can develop apps as per the organizational requirements, it cannot be deployed without the final approval of the IT department.

  • Importance of AI in low-code

AI being an integral part of low-code, multi-channel capabilities like web and mobile apps can be built which makes it easier for businesses and clients to interact. The presence of intuitive chatbots and live call centers in the apps helps in effectively meet customer requirements.


How to choose the right low code platform?

It’s important to do your research to choose the right platform. Listed below are a few points on what needs to be done to select your choice of low-code platform:

  • Ascertain requirements representing the key areas and functions of your organization
  • Put forward your requirements to the platform keeping in mind your objectives
  • Determine the features of the platform
  • Do a thorough market research using analysts report like Forrester and Gartner
  • Shortlist the potential vendor based on how they address your requirements and challenges
  • Select a platform offering the best overall value to your organization.


Creatio’s low code platform

Creatio (formerly bpm’online) is a low-code, process automation and CRM company that envisions a future where “everyone is a developer.” With simple developer tools, users can quickly deliver and make changes to business apps without in-depth technical know-how.



Major features of Creatio’s low-code technology are:

  • Out of the box solutions, templates, connectors to accelerate customization and development
  • BPM tools that enable users effectively design, execute and optimize business processes
  • Visual analytics tools help detect problems and optimize processes
  • Machine learning and AI tools to automate multiple operations
  • Out-of-the-box dashboards that enable monitoring business operations in real-time
  • Powerful capabilities for full-cycle data management
  • Tools to customize mobile apps quickly and easily


Hence, low-code will be the future strategy as it is an advanced platform that reduces the complexity of building apps and helps organizations to be agile and respond to the changing business conditions in the digital world.

To understand more about this platform and how it can be effectively used for accelerating your business growth, AgilizTech Software Services, a leading partner for Creatio can help you out.

Reimagining customer experience in retail

Re-imagining Customer Experience in Retail

The recently concluded World Retail Congress saw the who’s who of the tech and retail worlds gathering at Dubai, to discuss the changing retail landscape. This year’s theme was reflective of the current mood of the market – Re-imagining the customer experience in retail.

The modern customer has multiple options to choose from and if they don’t like the experience, they don’t mind shifting elsewhere, even if it means paying more. The days of deep discounting are done, and the era of experience has taken over.  In fact, it is predicted that customer experience will overtake price and product as a differentiator by 2020.

Now who really is this modern-day customer?

This segment consists of the Gen Y and Gen Z (those born after 1995) who do an online analysis and peer-group discussion even before entering the retail outlet. These mobile-savvy, social media enthusiasts expect stores to present ‘one voice’ across communication channels – outlets, web stores, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

By 2020, Gen Z will be the largest group of customers worldwide, making up 40% of the US, Europe and BRIC countries, as per Fitch. Gen Z will be big on using technology to achieve their shopping goals, goals that are both tangible (product) and intangible (experience).

We can safely conclude that the modern customer poses an interesting challenge to retailers. And the battle cry to tackle this is – #GoPhygital.

Imagine a world of:

  • Ordering groceries online during lunch from work and picking up the order from a convenient location, while driving home?
  • Or entering a mall, and having all the promo offers information come right into your phone via proximity engagement technology?
  • Or in-store shopping assistance via endless aisle? Order today, get it delivered at home/place of convenience when product is back in stock.

The possibilities are endless. And retailers are transcending channels, riding on the technological capabilities.

Who are the customer experience trendsetters in retail?

Amazon has conceived the futuristic Amazon Go store, where checkout has been eliminated. It’s just walk in, grab stuff and walk out! Watch this.

Source: Amazon

Now’s that some amazing customer experience made possible by digital technology!

Another biggie that is literally turning heads is Alibaba’s ‘pay with a nod‘. Alibaba is building the VR Pay technology for people who use virtual reality devices to shop on virtual reality shopping malls.

Going by these developments, it seems for sure that retail will be encountering marked transformations in days to come.

Reimagine and actualize exceptional customer experience in retail, with AgilizTech’s innovative digital solutions.


AgilizTech Stepout2Play Hackathon 2016

Hacking the Agilian way, to build Stepout2Play

AgilizTech conducted a hackathon on 26 and 27 November 2016 to re-engineer the Stepout2Play site.

At AgilizTech, one of our initiatives is to combine our passion for sports and technology, and create new avenues for individuals to actively pursue their favorite sport. And our upcoming flagship product, Stepout2Play, is the one-stop shop for all things sport.

With this, individuals can stay tuned to the latest happenings in the world of sports, enroll into clubs and actively participate in sporting events.

The Stepout2Play Hackathon is one such event conducted by AgilizTech.


The Stepout2Play Hackathon 2016 Team

Over a two-day time-frame, our team of programmers, consisting of Shyam, Kishor, Agilan, Meghana, Smita, Guddu, Niraj and Gowtham, collaborated to re-visualize and rebuild the website. The event was conceptualized and presided by the MD & CEO, Ganesh Babu.

The Hackathon was immensely fruitful, as the team effectively strategized and achieved major milestones in development. Also, as the event stimulated the creative-thinking abilities of the team and enabled AgilizTech to actively pursue its innovation-based agenda, the Hackathon was an all-round success.

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