5 Major DevOps implementation challenges

Organizations today are striving towards enhancing innovation, agility and customer experience through modernized applications. And the key approach will be continuous delivery which incorporates agile and DevOps methodology.

DevOps is emerging as a popular term, as businesses implementing it are experiencing increased efficiency and productivity in work. Effective cooperation between the development and operations team boosts integration and strive towards achieving a common goal creating an efficient, reliable, and faster delivery system.

Major DevOps Challenges

Though DevOps has emerged as an important tool in achieving automation and integration, still for a business to implement newer technologies is challenging. Let us delve into the major problems faced by a business while implementing DevOps.


Adapting to a new culture

Implementing of a new process like DevOps in an organization changes the entire business perspective in terms of replacing old methods with new ones.



Traditional system

DevOps results will not be achievable if an organization is running on traditional infrastructure and systems. To be in the competition, business needs to adopt to the latest technologies and software.



 Numerous Tools

The availability of various tools in DevOps like open source are very easy to use. Here the challenge would be the lack of training or knowledge on using these tools.



Security of information

Will there be a security for the information? Though DevOps automates the entire process and fixes the problems faster based on customer feedback, the problem of security comes at the end of the process which becomes a major hindrance.



Separate Metrics

As the development and Operations team will be using different tool sets and metrics, it becomes quiet challenging to get adapted to a new set of tools and work ethics.


These are just a few of the major problems which a business would face at the time of implementing DevOps into the system. Overcoming these challenges will help in better growth of business and better work efficiency.

At AgilizTech, the DevOps team expertise can give you a solution right from ideating your requirements, to production and final deployment of the product. In the process, based on the feedback of customers we improvise on the product we deliver, efficiency of the infrastructure on which we are delivering the capability and the process through which we are delivering.

Team outing – splurge with nature

It was a perfect day on the 10th of August 2019 to head outside and enjoy the breezy, cloudy and exciting day at Urban Valley, a picturesque lakeside resort. The day was filled with fun, adventures, and bonding with the team.

We started off with team building activities like hula hoop, blind fold game, human knot and the puzzle challenge. These games were organised to build certain core capabilities of the employees. The strategies used in these games by each of the team member highlighted their individual strengths.

In the hula hoop game, the challenge was to pass through the hoop two times without leaving hands. The teams communicated and focused to complete it.

In the blind fold game, one team member was blind folded and had to pick few things upon the instructions of the team member.  The blind folded person had to trust and focus on listening to the voice of his team member, against that of others.

The mind-boggling puzzle game was the toughest challenge as the final picture had to be created with bits and pieces. It was tough initially, but on seeing the original picture it was easier to solve the puzzle. The teams worked collaboratively in joining the pieces to get the result.

The main goal of conducting these activities was to enhance communication, co-ordination, trust, time management, decision making amongst the teams.

With five teams playing, we had two winners . All the teams worked collaboratively towards winning and strategising their own ways of completing the tasks.

It was time for some fun with interesting indoor, outdoor games at the resort like badminton, cricket, zip lining, paintball and more. The day would have been incomplete without shaking a leg in rain dance to the electrifying beats of the DJ and relaxing in the pool.

It was a well-planned day revitalizing us with new energy, creating stronger team bond and better interaction with our team-mates. It was a day never to be forgotten and we hope to recreate the memories with more enthusiasm and fervour.


5 Best ways on how mobile app can make your business successful

Mobile apps have made technology and business smarter. Smartphones have drastically changed the mode of communication which has become faster, better and accessible anywhere anytime.

Technology being accessed at your fingertips; mobile apps have made lives better and easier. Ordering food online, shopping online, payments to be made, ticket booking, news updates, name anything you have an app which can be accessed from your comfort zone. Inspite of having mobile friendly websites, mobile apps are considered to drive better traffic and revenue as the content consumed is higher in an app than browser.

A quick look into the app land stats:

  • Mobile apps are expected to generate $189 billion in revenue by 2020.
  • The Apple App Store has 2.2 million apps available for download.
  • There are 2.8 million apps available for download in Google Play Store.
  • 49% of people open an app 11+ times each day.
  • 57% of all digital media usage comes from mobile apps.
  • The average smartphone owner uses 30 apps each month.
  • Worldwide app downloads to reach 258.2 billion.

How mobile apps can help your business to grow?

With the above statistics we can see that mobile apps have created humungous opportunities for businesses wherein entrepreneurs can leverage the mobile apps to enhance their business. So, building a mobile app requires immense groundwork and certain key areas to be focused on which include:

  • Who is your target audience?
  • Why do you want a mobile app for a business?
  • What is the uniqueness in the app or what different are you offering over the competitors?


Here are the best ways mobile apps help grow your business: (5 best ways)


                                                                                         Increase your lead generation

Modern Customers prefer an app over a website as it is easier to browse through the products, has better information, easier to place orders which ultimately boosts the retail orders. This will enhance the growth of the business in terms of revenue as well as profits. Also, the payment options are safe, secure and easy as a customer can save his payment details and the next time the process becomes just a few clicks away.


Boost customer experience

A business having an app needs to understand the customer preferences
and build the features accordingly. Responding to your customer queries and having user friendly features is when your customers get converted which ultimately leads to enhanced customer experience.



                                                                                        Brand Visibility

If the business app is built in a way which serves the purpose and satisfies the customer needs, your brand will be recognized at the top of customer choices. Though your business has good online presence, to increase the potential of your brand build an app to reach out to masses.



Unique offers

Offers and launches is another way to grow your business with mobile apps. You can create offers based on customers searches, upcoming festivals, cashback offers, discount coupons and more. Intimating your regular customers through messages, mails or app updates about offers or new launches will get them prepared for the purchases. Customers happy with their purchasing experience will share the feedback with friends and family which in turn helps in the success of the business.


                                                                                       Easily accessible content

As we all know that content is king in the internet space, mobile apps with content which can be easy to understand and accessible will have greater value. Even if there are no sales in an app but is only a learning or information portal content should be genuine and easier to access.



These are just a few apart from various other benefits which mobile apps offer a business. It is not only the big business conglomerate, but also small organizations or startups that can benefit from mobile apps.

Learn how AgilizTech helps in building mobile application irrespective of your business niche to help in the growth strategy. You need a mobile app, but if the cost and resources are hindering in building one then we are here to help you out.