Happy Republic Day from AgilizTech

67 years have passed since the Constitution of India came into force, India faced numerous challenges from within and outside. Yet with each such challenges, we emerged as a stronger and a much more mature nation, making our country a sovereign, secular, and democratic republic. Such an event should be celebrated with pride, honor and with the up-most enthusiasm.

Chennai Floods – Relief Work

From our Office AgilizTech , we collected funds for relief work in Chennai. Bought few essential items like Milk, Water Bottles, Medical supplies. Coordinated with Raji Rajan and her team via our common friend Sapna S Shetty to send these items to Chennai in a truck from Madiwala, Bangalore . Big thanks to them for doing this relief work and also to our employees who came forward to help folks in Chennai.‪#‎chennaineedsyou‬ ‪#‎chennairainshelp‬

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Neo4j – GraphAware TimeTree Server Mode Installation Issue – Fixed

Our Team have been working on Neo4j – GraphDB for our product Stepout2Play.com (yet to be upgraded to use Neo4j) have gained extensive knowledge in actively using it. So we had decided share some of our learning thru our blog posts. Hope you will like it.

In stepout2play we have very extensive use of date functionality to search events, latest news, latest updates in the academies, etc., As there is no Date datatype support in Neo4J we chose to use the GraphAware TimeTree plugin to solve our problem. Which can help traverse the date and time in the form of graph itself, like below


As per the documentation we have to just download the Graphaware Neo4j framework and TimeTree plugin from here http://graphaware.com/products/ and drop into the NEO4j_HOME/plugins directory, then a restart of the neo4j should work. But it didn’t.

We were stumped and after a long struggle we found this discussion thread


which suggested to use the ZIP file installation for windows instead of EXE file installation. This fixed the issue and we were able to use the TimeTree functionality then on.

More posts to follow in our Next Neo4j posts. Keep watching this space.