Guess who turned two? Inside AgilizTech’s Second Anniversary Bash

Birthdays are always special, right? There’s cake, party hats, streamers and an endless stream of friendly banter. Age is just a number, and all that matters are the precious memories created and shared with the ones you love. On Saturday, Jun 10, 2017, AgilizTech turned two. Since we are a bunch of early birds (and had weekend plans we couldn’t sneak out of), we decided to celebrate it on Friday, at the office premises.

While the event started on a formal note, with a brief introduction from Ganesh, CEO AgilizTech, it steadily took on a celebratory mood. We had an employee-made 7-minute short film, a rather creative way of showcasing AgilizTech’s journey from its infancy till now. The video effectively depicted how a start-up of two transformed into today’s 30+ strong team. The air was filled with nostalgia and cheers as the video rolled to an end.

AgilizTech's Second Anniversary Bash

Ganesh then took us through the present status of AgilizTech in terms of new logo wins, ongoing projects and successfully completed ones, providing everyone a platform to give feedback and learn more about the inner workings of the organization. Also, he presented the next set of goals AgilizTech will undertake to sustain its growth momentum, while in our third year of operation. The goals were three-fold.

  • Increase employee and customer experience

Promoting an employee-first approach to ensure that employees, who are the business’ prime ambassadors, have an enriched work atmosphere, thereby contributing to higher levels of customer satisfaction.

  • Focus on New Customer Acquisitions

Helping more businesses in newer markets and different industries to deliver superior customer experiences, by developing top-notch digital solutions.

  • Strive to be Agile and Lean in Delivery

Ensure faster delivery of high-quality solutions that are adaptive to customer’s changing expectations.

AgilizTech’s fun committee then took over the proceedings to distribute the personalized motivation cards. These cards consisted of the individual achievements and goals for each employee, with quirky and customized designs. Each team lead was asked to hand over the cards to the members, with a few words on how their work contributes to AgilizTech’s work environment and the company goals. Yes, the CEO got one too!

Can a celebration ever be complete without a cake being cut? Of course not! And so, we got to devour on White Forest deliciousness.

AgilizTechs Second Anniversary Bash

AgilizTech may have just turned two, but we have covered hundreds of miles in our journey towards business excellence and exceptional customer experience. And there are a thousand more miles, with each step taking us forward on the path to success. On this occasion, our many thanks to all our well-wishers who have made our journey a memorable one with their constant support.

Here’s to newer summits and exciting opportunities that the future beholds.


AgilizTech Turns Two

AgilizTech Turns Two!

A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step.

On June 10, 2017, AgilizTech’s journey reached an important milestone, as we completed two years and stepped into our third. What started as an idea has now attained fruition as a successful, upcoming IT services company that delivers top-notch digital solutions and helps businesses provides superior customer experiences.

The year that was…

Over the past year we have had much to cheer for – be it our forays into new markets, new logo wins, awards and recognitions from various industry quarters. Here’s a brief snapshot of our key achievements in 2016:

  • Became a NASSCOM Member
  • Opened office in US to facilitate market expansion
  • Listed among the Top 25 Agile Service Providers in APAC region
  • Named among the Top 10 Most Valuable IT Service Providers
  • Received the Future of India Award for Business Excellence in Technology
  • Adjudged Best SME – Technology

What’s next for AgilizTech?

We have had a successful run so far and in order to sustain this growth momentum, we’ve identified the following as the key focus areas:

  • Increase Employee & Customer Experience
  • Focus on New Customer Acquisitions
  • Strive to be Agile & Lean in Delivery

We have newer summits to conquer and higher altitudes to reach. And we are sure that with the continued support of all our friends and well-wishers, we will cross many more milestones successfully.

Features of Android Nougat

Test driving the latest from the Android stable – Android Nougat

To say that Android has been a smashing success is an understatement. Emerging as the winner among stiff competition, from the likes of Symbian Anna, Windows OS, and Blackberry, Android has been giving iOS a run for its money since it first launched in Sep 2008. So much so that, as of Nov 2016, Android has hit a market share record, with 9 in every 10 smartphones using it. Android’s dream run is supported by cheap smartphones and wide developers’ base that populate Google’s Play Store with multiple apps.  And 2017 is expected to further raise the market share, with Android Nougat being rolled out to select devices.

Android Nougat Highlights

Android Nougat comes packed with exciting new features. And we at AgilizTech, decided to take it for a little test-drive after its April debut on Samsung S7 device.

Split-screen mode

The split-screen mode is a great option for the multi-taskers, as it allows you to open two apps side-by-side. How far it helps to boost productivity is yet to be discovered, but it sure is better than continuously toggling two app windows.

Android Nougat - Split screen

App quick switch

This is another cool feature from Nougat, where you can quickly switch between more than two apps by double tapping the Recents key. This is even more helpful as certain apps do not support the Split-screen feature.

Android Nougat - Quick App Switch

Notification redesign

Now alerts and notifications from apps can be responded to straight from the home-screen. For example, you can now respond to WhatsApp messages without being redirected to the WhatsApp screen.

Android Nougat - Notification redesign


Multi-language support

By enabling multiple languages, you can toggle between languages while using keyboards. This means, you can type in English UK and Español while sending a message.

Android Nougat - Multi language support

Doze on the go

Doze was introduced with Marshmallow and has now evolved into an even better feature in Nougat, allowing users to squeeze till the last drop of battery power. Using the Battery Optimization feature in Settings, Doze can control the battery usage of each app and modify them to suit your battery saving strategy.

Android Nougat - Doze on the go

Data saver

Some apps consume tons of data by running in the background, thus burning a hole in your pocket. With Data Saver’s granular controls, you can permit/restrict individual apps from accessing data while running in the background.

Android Nougat - Data saver

Improved security

Aren’t we all suspicious of those pesky apps that require permissions to umpteen folders in which they have no business? Nougat has been armoured for such apps, with the scoped folder access feature, that permits apps to use only select folders. Facial recognition too has arrived in Android, with the Trusted Face screen unlock feature made available in select devices.

Android Nougat - App Permissions

Improved graphics

This one is for the gamers, as your in-game graphics get a solid boost, with Nougat supporting the Vulkan API. Be ready for high-performance 3D graphics right on your phone.

Android Nougat - Graphics

Nougat Reception

Nougat has been receiving increasingly positive reviews from industry observers. Engadget and PCAdvisor have lauded Nougat, calling it an efficient OS that’s pro-multi-tasking. Market adoption too seems to be decent – Nougat’s adoption is on a hike with 7.6% of devices that access Google Play running Nougat as of May 2017.

Android Nougat - Market Share

Source: App Brain

In the last 30 days, a 37% surge has been seen in Nougat adoption, but we might have to wait for a few more months for the roll-out to complete, before seeing massive traction in adoption rates.

What’s on the cards, Google?

With the Nougat roll-out initiated in April-May, Google has moved on to Android O (suspected to be Oreo) and is working towards its announcement in the impending Google I/O 2017 summit in the US. Also, rumours have surfaced on the Magenta-microkernel based real-time operating system,

Despite these developments, it is safe to say that Nougat is going to stick around for a while given its rich features. As more new phone models come out in 2017, enabling the VR and Daydream features of Nougat, it is poised to be the most-preferred Android OS version ever.


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